Consulting on company finance and accounting

As an additional benefit from an audit or a commission we offer consulting on company accounting with proposals for tailor-made solutions. Some examples are suggestions for amending routines in your Finance Department, the best/simplest way to adapt to changed rules, and how your company can derive greater benefit from available figures given in statutory/computerised accounts.

Tax consulting

It's difficult to keep up with the continually changing tax laws which often come into effect at short notice. Rules are best applied in the most profitable way in each individual case (naturally the best combination of private and company tax affairs). The expertise garnered from all our experience and our network of tax law specialists means we can offer help in tax planning and calculation and completing tax returns.

Company law

The Companies Act governs how a company is run and imposes formal requirements in different connections - the Board has to conform to new laws concerning the company's allocation of responsibilities. Special documents are required concerning company formation, changes to the legal status of the company, changes to share capital, company name, etc. We are there for you to consult! Everything to do with company law can be arranged through our established contacts such as business agreements, assignment, partnership agreements, patents, etc.